Tin Mine Canyon Corona, CA (Full Hiking Guide)

Trail Details:

  • One way distance: Approximately 2.25 miles.
  • Roundtrip distance: Approximately 4.5 miles.
  • Elevation Gain: Approximately 715 feet
  • Time Required: Approximately 2 hours roundtrip
  • Difficulty: Easy-Moderate
  • Trail Type: Out and Back
  • Best Time To Go: Fall, Winter, Spring
  • Great For: Beginners, General Exercise, Children
  • Permit Required?: No
  • Pet-Friendly?: Yes (leashed)
  • Trailhead Address: Skyline Dr, Corona, CA 92882

Tin Mine Canyon Trail is a 4.5-mile hiking trail that begins in Corona California and ventures into the Cleveland National Forest. The hike is rated easy-moderate and it is pet-friendly.

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Getting There:

GPS directions can be used by using this address:

Skyline Dr, Corona, CA 92882

Tin Mine Canyon Trail starts on the Skyline Drive Trail in Corona California. The hike starts out on a paved trail then becomes a dirt road trail, until eventually transitioning into a regular dirt hiking trail. Even though the hike starts in an urban neighborhood, it quickly transforms into a more secluded hike that you wouldn’t expect.

Things To Keep In Mind:

When To Go:

Tin Mine Canyon Trail in Corona, CA is a hike that is best done in the cooler seasons of Fall, Winter, and Spring. This trail would not be suitable during the summer except early in the morning because the area can get very hot.

If you want some shade among most of the hike then going in the late afternoon or early morning would be ideal since you will be hiking through a canyon that can provide shade when the sun is not directly above you.


There is plenty of street parking available at the trailhead. The trailhead is very popular and so you will see other cars parked along the street as you approach the beginning of the hike. Most of the people are not hiking into Tin Mine Canyon, and are instead sticking to the paved walking trail.

There are many areas to park along Foothill Parkway. Just be wary of red-colored sidewalks that indicate no parking and the occasional signs that say no parking in that spot. Otherwise, the designated parking areas are clearly marked with white paint among Foothill Parkways. You do not need any kind of permit to park.

Do not park in the nearby Orchard Glen residential area because a parking permit is required to do so (only for residents of Orchard Glen). The area is popular for many different hikes near the neighborhood so you will most likely not get away without a ticket if you do park in the neighborhood without a proper parking permit.


The trail can become especially busy during good weather (which is mostly year-round). Due to the trail’s proximity to the city of Corona, it sees a lot of traffic. However, not everyone is hiking the Tin Mine Canyon trail.

There are many different trail options in the area, and most people are simply walking or biking the paved Skyline Drive Trail that is the beginning of the Tin Mine Canyon Trail. Once you get to the real trailhead of Tin Mine Canyon, the crowds fade dramatically.


There are no permits required for day hiking the Tin Mine Canyon Trail. No parking permits are required for parking on Foothill Parkway.


The Tin Mine Canyon Trail allows properly leashed pets are allowed on the trail and you will see many dogs walking with their owners.


The Tin Mine Canyon Trail is an easy to moderate hike depending on your fitness level. The first part is a paved road that is relatively flat so it is the easiest part of the hike. The middle section is a wide dirt road that is also relatively flat and so it is barely more difficult than the first part.

The third section is technically the beginning of the Tin Mine Canyon Trail. It is still relatively easy until you get further into the hike where you must traverse over rocks, overgrown brush, and a creek. This is where the hike becomes more moderate in difficulty.

The Trail:

The Tin Mine Canyon Trail begins with the paved Skyline Trail:

You will walk this paved path alongside a wash that is most likely dry unless it recently rained until you come to the beginning of a dirt road that is locked in order to prevent vehicles from entering:

Follow the dirt road very briefly until you come to the actual start of the Tin Mine Canyon Trail that is clearly posted as under the jurisdiction of The Cleveland National Forest Trabuco Ranger District:

A small sign on the bottom left informs you that you have 1.25 miles left to go.

You will hike into the canyon and it will become narrower as you ascend:

Eventually, you will be under the cover of trees, which is nice in the midday heat. Enjoy a short rest at one of the two locations with small benches:

You will reach the actual mine well before the official end of the hike:

If you choose to continue on past the mine then you will be med with more stream crossings. Once you get to this crossing you are just a few feet from the official end of the trail:

The actual official end to the trail is quite anticlimactic, but you do get a cool signpost telling you that you made it:

It really is quite a beautiful hike for being so close to civilization. I want you to get out there and see it for yourself because these pictures do not do it any justice. I hope that this guide helps you along your way to hiking The Tin Canyon Trail.

Here are a few other pictures of the trail for you to enjoy:

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