Is It Weird To Go Camping Alone? Here’s Why It’s Not

I love to go camping, but sometimes I have no one to go with. I don’t let that stop me though, I also enjoy solo camping, and I think that you should too. You might have heard or thought that camping alone is weird. I am here to convince you to think otherwise.

So, Is it weird to go camping alone? It is not weird to go camping alone. Some strong arguments for it are:

  • Lots of people solo camp every day around the world.
  • It is a unique experience unlike that of traditional camping.
  • You can really get some peace and quiet to enjoy nature.

While it’s not weird to go camping alone. There are some things that you need to keep in mind. You shouldn’t care what other people think of you anyway as long as you are not causing harm to someone else. You also need to take extra precautions to ensure your solo camping experience is done safely.

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Many People Go Camping Alone Already

It is important to note again that it is not weird to go camping alone. There are many people all over the world that venture out alone to go camping. I personally do not think that there has ever been a time when I went camping and did not at least see one other person camping alone. It might actually be less common to see solo campers at larger campgrounds than at smaller campgrounds because more often than not, solo campers are actually seeking a little bit more solitude to reflect on.

Maybe you are after some peace, quiet, and solitude for yourself. Maybe you cannot find any of your friends or family that enjoy camping like you do (or as often as you do). Perhaps you can never find the time to match up your schedule with the schedules of others in order to plan a camping trip.

All of this is okay because you can go camping alone and feel secure in knowing that many people have done it, many people are doing it right now, and many people will continue to do it well into the future. You should give solo camping a try because it is a totally different experience than that of what you are probably used to when camping in a traditional sense.

Camping Alone Is A Unique Experience In Its Own

On your first time camping alone you will discover that there is almost nothing to distract you. It might actually be scary at first because you might be used to having so many distracting things around you at all times. People especially are very distracting, which does not mean its a bad thing, but sometimes it is nice to get some alone time and be free from distractions.

It is amazing what fewer distractions could do for you. You could try meditating for the first time. You could focus on capturing all of the thoughts and questions that race through your mind and write them down in order to reflect and research them later. Or you could just do nothing and experience how that actually feels (it’s amazing).

Experience The Peace And Quiet Of Nature

Depending on where you go, you could get a real hit of the peace and quietness of nature. Often in our lives, we do not get to experience what silence really is like. On the other hand, sometimes nature is not silent at all depending on where you go. Nature can be loud too with the sound of trees swaying in the wind, or the sounds of birds singing, or even the rush of a waterfall hitting the rocks below it. You might have to leave the campground for this one, especially if you are car camping but you do not have to go very far, it’s great.

Getting To Live Slowly

There is no rush in what you are doing. You don’t have to be anywhere soon, you don’t have to get things done, there are no deadlines. It can be weird to us to not have these things because we are exposed to them every day. The slow living lifestyle that you can feel when you are camping alone is unlike anything else. If you are like me then it can be hard to adjust your thinking to moving slower, it is as if time itself has slowed down. You might feel the need to constantly hike or explore but it is not necessary. Relaxing and enjoying slow living might just suit you well.

Finding Happiness By Realizing That Life Is More

I would never have guessed that I could be happy alone with nothing to do, but it works when camping alone. Give it a try if you are even the tad bit interested in solo camping. You might come to realize like me that there is more to life than the little bubbles we live in every day. You may find a new love for the outdoors, you might enjoy the simplicity and the life of simple living that solo camping can offer you. You might even try to bring some of that simplicity home with you as I have. It is crazy how this simple act can help you forget your worries for a while and offer you time to destress.

You Should Not Care What Other People Will Think Of You

Sometimes you need to go against the grain in order to find happiness, conforming to someone else’s standards is what holds a lot of people back in life. It is those that think outside the box, those that have tried something different, and those that aren’t afraid to go against the norm that will become truly successful and happy. The “standards” of camping are no different, do not be afraid to go against the norm and do it alone, you will be happy that you did.

There are social stigmas that can be attached to solo campers, but you do not need to worry about it because at the end of the day it is no big deal. Worrying about what someone else thinks of you is not going to improve your life or your happiness. If you are minding your own business and not impeding on anyone else’s happiness then there is no harm no foul. This can be applied beyond just solo camping, but it is especially relevant to it because solo campers can be susceptible to profiling by others that are unaware of the motivations behind camping alone.

Take Extra Steps To Prepare For Camping Alone

If there is one thing that everyone who wants to go camping alone should know it is that solo camping requires extra preparation to make it a safe and enjoyable experience. If you forget to bring something on a traditional camping trip then usually it is no big deal because someone else you went with might have brought it or something similar, but when it is just you camping alone then you are responsible for everything no matter what.

It is essential that you tell someone where you plan to be going and how long you will be gone, just in case the worst were to happen. At a minimum let them know the approximate time you plan to leave, the approximate location or locations you plan to visit, and the approximate time you will be back. You could also let them know that you will give them a call or text on a certain day.

Give this information to someone you trust and can rely on. This is still important if you are going to be camping in a well established busy campground. It is part of the basics of any kind of traveling really, and camping alone is no different.

You might want to also pack more than what you think you will need, especially when it comes to being prepared for inclement weather (This is easy if you are going car camping). If you would like a comprehensive free camping checklist then click here to download one that I made for you.

We all know too well that weather forecasts can be inaccurate, and this is especially true in the areas where we like to go camping. Even if the weather forecast says clear and sunny or slightly cloudy, it doesn’t hurt to bring something in case of rain, or it doesn’t hurt to bring cold-weather gear in case the temperature drastically drops at night beyond what you were expecting.


It is not weird to go camping alone. So many people have done it and continue to do it because it is such a different experience compared to camping with others. It might be scary at first, but what you will find is that with fewer distractions and more natural beauty you will be glad that you decided to go. You should not care if other people will judge you for camping alone, because if it makes you happy and it doesn’t negatively affect others then that is all that matters. Be sure to be extra prepared for the weather and by letting someone know when and where you are going while camping alone and you will have a great time.

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