14 Reasons Why Camping Is Good For Families

Camping is a timeless family tradition. Most campers started camping when they were little when their parents took them camping. Camping comes with a plethora of benefits for the body and mind as an individual, but did you know that camping is also good for families?

So, is camping good for families? Camping is good for families for many reasons both physically, mentally, and spiritually. The main reason why camping is good for families is that it brings everyone closer together. 

If you are wondering if you should take your family camping on your next trip together then read on because I have 14 reasons why camping is good for families.

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1. Camping brings everyone together

You probably don’t get to spend very much time together as a family too often. A family of four might have both parents working, both kids in school, and then when everyone comes home they are exhausted and just want some space in their own rooms. Everyone watches their own shows on tv and they all eat different things on their own. One of the best reasons why camping is good for families is because it forces everyone to come together.

Most likely the tent or RV everyone is sharing is much smaller than the family house. That means close contact day and night. Everyone will have to eat the same kind of food; whatever is being cooked. No one will be able to escape into their rooms and watch tv or play on their phones. Just by simply spending time together, a family can become closer as a unit.

Camping is the time when a family should take advantage of all of this time together and go out and do activities together. The activities and time spent together will be remembered by everyone for decades to come.

2. Camping offers exercise for everyone in the family

There are many opportunities for exercise while camping. Everyone knows that exercise is food for you, no matter how young or old you may be. Doing something physical as a family can build a strong family bond. One of the best things you can do for exercise and bonding as a family while camping is to go on a hike together. Hiking is a form of exercise that is almost exclusive to camping.

The hike does not have to be super intense, it simply needs to give everyone in the family a common goal. Sticking together on a hike gives everyone a common goal, and exercise is healthy for the whole family. 

3. Camping passes on tradition between generations

Most people who enjoy camping have experienced camping early on in their lives as children. Their parents probably took them camping throughout their youth and now they have stuck with the activity. Traditions are important for families to maintain a sense of identity. Most of our ideas and conceptions are developed from within our own families. It is what makes each of our families unique because we all have different traditions and customs that we practice.

Within the camping tradition, there are many things that families do on just about every camping trip. For example, making S’mores around a campfire can be a family tradition while camping. Another good example is sitting around the campfire and singing songs. Whatever traditions you practice while camping with your family, they will be everlasting in the minds of you and your family.

4. Camping can help you get to know each other better

There is something about being stuck in the middle of nowhere with no internet or electricity that makes people get to know each other. How well do you really know everyone in your family? Unfortunately, nowadays families are becoming more and more distant as technology evolves. Technology definitely improves our lives and makes things more convenient, but it comes with a tradeoff.

Instead of every family member retreating to their own rooms playing on their own gadgets, camping force everyone to come together in one place (in a good way). With that, there is time to talk face to face and play games that open everyone up to discussion. There are plenty of ways families can utilize a camping trip to get to know each other better. Some ways this could be done is by telling stories around the campfire, having an open discussion on various issues, or simply playing games together.

If you need some examples of games that you and your family could play together when camping then check out this article that I wrote that includes 28 games that are fun to play while camping. The important thing to focus on is your family as a unit and how every individual contributes in their own special way to the family.

5. Camping is an opportunity to disconnect from the outside world

Disconnecting from the outside world really just means getting away from the internet, work, school, etc. Everyone needs some time away from their daily lives and camping is an opportunity to take advantage of that. By disconnecting from the outside world, you can focus on yourselves as a family and work to strengthen bonds and alleviate tensions.

6. Camping allows family meals to be enjoyed together

Eating meals together as a family is a powerful thing that is seldom seen today in modern culture. Traditionally, families sat at a table during dinner and enjoyed their meal at the same time. This tradition is occurring less and less with families today, but camping offers an opportunity to bring that tradition back.

With everyone located in the same spot and there being only one campfire and stove to cook on, everyone is going to be served their food at the same time and therefore can enjoy the meal together. Eating dinner together is inherently a human activity that can be be found across many different diverse cultures. This act is uniquely human and for good reason. We are social creatures and we need some time together every once and a while. Camping gives us that opportunity for some time together.

7. Camping includes many activities for families to do together

The possibilities for fun and entertainment while camping is nearly endless. There is bound to be something available for everyone in the family to enjoy. Even better is if you can find an activity that everyone can have fun doing.

If you need some ideas for camping activities then you might want to read my article with 71 ideas for camping activities. Most of the magic simply comes from time spent together, but a fun activity can enhance and expedite the enjoyment for everyone.

8. Camping can reduce everyone’s stress

Everyone today is statistically more stressed than at any other point in human history. This is odd since today are lives are safer and more convenient than ever. Nonetheless, with more technology and world issue awareness, people are more stressed than they ever have been in history.

Don’t just take my word for it, The American Psychological Association (APAOpens in a new tab.) does a study on stress every year in the United States, and for the year 2019 they concluded their report that “Although Americans believe a healthy stress level is on average 3.8 (on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is “little or no stress” and 10 is “a great deal of stress”), the average stress level they report experiencing during the past month is 4.9.”

I have talked a little bit about how camping can help reduce stress and combat anxiety. If you are interested in learning about then try reading this article I wrote which contains 8 reasons why camping is good for anxiety.

9. Camping can present some group solving problems

Solving a problem as a family unit can really help strengthen bonds. I think this might be part of the reason why escape rooms have become so popular. When you are camping there are numerous small and mid-size dilemmas that come up that require the effort of everyone in the family in order to solve.

Little things like everyone pitching it to go collect firewood, or everyone setting up camp, or even tearing down the campsite can bring the family together because everyone played a part in making a common goal possible. Things like this bring out the importance of working as a team in order to accomplish common objectives.

10. Camping lets the whole family get adequate sleep

Sleep is one of the things that everyone is lacking these days. It’s kind of crazy too since we have more leisure time than ever. We all need different amounts of sleep based on factors such as age, but most people are not getting enough. However, camping can be a great time to catch up on some much-needed sleep. One of the reasons why camping is such a great way to get some extra sleep is because you can follow the cycle of the sun setting and then rising again.

The National Sleep FoundationOpens in a new tab. recommends that adults get somewhere between 7-9 hours of sleep per night. As age declines, the recommended range for sleep increases. How many of us can confidently say that we get that much sleep nearly every night? My guess is not that many of us. Everyone in the family can take advantage of getting adequate sleep while camping and then reap the benefits of a good night’s rest.

11. Camping instills responsibility into your children

Camping creates opportunities for your children to learn some basic responsibilities. There are many situations and instances that could present good practices for your children. For example, following “leave no trace” principles is an amazing way for your children to learn how to be responsible for the environment.

Leave no trace consists of 7 basic principles of outdoor ethics that should always be followed when you are outdoors. The principles can be found on LNT.orgOpens in a new tab. in more detail, but they are as follows:

1. Plan ahead and prepare

2. Travel and camp on durable surfaces

3. Dispose of waste properly

4. Leave what you find

5. Minimize campfire impacts

6. Respect wildlife

7. Be considerate of other visitors

12. Camping teaches a family how good their lives are

Temporarily living without modern luxuries and conveniences will really show how great our lives are today. This is a concept that everyone in the family should know about. Not having access to the internet shows us how problems need to be solved without the guidance of others. Not having access to air conditioning or heaters can show us how harsh the weather really is.

Not having access to clean running water shows us how something so simple can create an enormous burden on our survival. The list can go on and on, but the point is that modern life is great, and we should be thankful for everything that we do have.

13. Camping is easy on the family budget

One of my favorite things to talk about is the costs of camping because the costs are so low. The amount of value and entertainment that your family can get out of camping is amazing. There is a good reason why many families opt to spend their summer vacation’s camping because they can afford it.

Finances are one of the biggest stressors that people face in life. In fact, in the APAOpens in a new tab. report, they stated that 6 in 10 Americans reported “money” as being a personal stressor. Don’t make something as fun as vacation stress you out because of money, go camping and have a ton of fun on a small budget. I have written a few times about the monetary value of camping.

One major post of mine that I recommend you read is my in-depth cost comparison of camping vs hotels while on vacation. I discuss every financial point that I could come up with in the comparison. You bet that camping came out way ahead in terms of lower costs. Another article I recommend is 26 ways to go camping on the cheap. In that post, I give you tips to further reduce your camping costs.

14. Camping creates everlasting memories

All of these reasons why camping is good for your family can cumulate into creating memories for everyone. Whether a camping trip is deemed a success or failure, you can bet that there are some moments that everyone will remember. Get out and go camping as a family and you won’t be disappointed.

Related Questions:

What is the point of camping?

There is no one point of camping. Everyone has their own reasons for why they choose to go camping. The most common reason for camping is the love of the outdoors and nature.

Is camping good for the soul?

Camping is good for the soul because it is a way to relax your mind and exercise your body. The numerous amount of activities available while camping is sure to be good for anyone’s soul.

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