Is Camping Good for Anxiety? Here Are 8 Reasons Why It Is

Anxiety is becoming more and more present in all of our lives. I too have experienced symptoms of anxiety from time to time when things in my life get difficult. I am glad that I can look to camping as a way to help ease my anxiety, and I think camping can help ease yours too.

Here are 8 reasons why camping is good for anxiety:

  1. It keeps you away from digital distractions
  2. It helps you escape the crowds
  3. Being in nature is good for you
  4. It helps you reconnect with people you care about
  5. It is a great time to meditate
  6. It helps you sleep better
  7. It gives you time to do things you love or that you’ve always wanted to try
  8. It helps you get out of your comfort zone

Everyone gets anxiety sometimes, but we tend to get confused about general anxiety and anxiety disorders. Anxiety disorders can be determined as physical, emotional or psychological manifestations of anxiety that can lead to other mental health issues. Not all anxiety can be helped by camping alone, but relaxing activities such as camping can help you cope with your anxiety.

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1. Camping keeps you away from digital distractions

Constantly being plugged into the world via the internet can be very exhausting. The constant use of digital devices is even linked to forms of anxiety. Camping allows you to step away from constant notifications and social media updates. You’ll be amazed at how relaxed you are when you don’t have to check your phone every few minutes. You’ll probably get a better night’s sleep because you won’t have the internet to distract you and keep you awake. 

If you are one of those that feels anxious about unplugging completely, there are campsites that have access to cellular service depending on your provider and how well your phone receives service. Additionally, if you’re like me and sometimes get bored while camping, there are plenty of services that allow you to download content to use offline. 

2. Camping helps you escape the crowds

If you’re going to a really popular campground or location during peak busy season this may not be the case. However, if you’re camping somewhere more remote or during a time of the year where most people wouldn’t go camping then you’re in luck. Even if your campground may be a little busy, you can still avoid most people because campsites are often spread out.

This can be great for those trying to cope with a social anxiety disorder. There are lots of people in the world so there is no way to avoid everyone, but escaping into nature will at least allow you to feel more isolated. Camping is great for getting away from people and relaxing either on your own or with people close to you.

3. Being in nature is good for you

If you’ve been planning on going camping then chances are that you are already aware of this. Reconnecting with the earth is the easiest and most natural way to cope with anxiety and stress. Breathing in the fresh mountain air and being surrounded by trees are things that will humble you and put your mind and body at peace. If you like to hike, you are sure to see plenty of sites that will take your breath away and remind you that there is more to life than work and stress. We’re only on Earth for so long, so why not stop and enjoy the scenery every once and a while. 

4. Camping allows you to reconnect with people you care about

Camping allows you to get away from people you don’t know but it also serves as a great opportunity to get closer to the people you do know. Camping is best enjoyed with close friends and family and since there are no digital distractions, you can easily reconnect with the people you love on a more personal level. Playing board games with friends, making smores with your family, or cuddling next to the fire with a significant other are all great ways to spend time out in nature. Camping also makes for great memories and stories to share. 

5. Camping is a great time to meditate

Meditation is a great coping mechanism for anxiety. However, there are so many distractions in our everyday lives that it can be hard to take time out of the day for a quiet moment to reflect or meditate. Camping is perfect for this because you’re usually in a quiet location and the sound of birds chirping and distant creeks running make for the perfect background noise to lose yourself in peaceful thought. If you’re into it, you could even do a morning hike and yoga routine to start your day off refreshed. Or you can keep it simple and find a quiet place to sit and breathe. 

6. Camping helps you sleep better

Being exposed to the sun more and the lack of digital distractions can do wonders for your sleep. Blue light emitted from screens is to blame for many sleepless nights. While you camp you won’t have to worry about checking your phone and you’ll be more active while camping because you may be exploring or hiking nearby.

This may help you fall asleep easier than you would at home. If your anxiety has been giving you trouble sleeping, this could be the remedy. Make sure to bring comfy sleeping gear so you can get the best night’s sleep you can get. If you need a recommendation for a good air mattress for camping then click here to read a review of the one that I use.

7. Camping gives you time to do things you love or that you’ve always wanted to try

Camping gives you space and time to do things that you love or explore something new. Taking time in our lives to do something we enjoy is a great way to cope with anxiety. Hobbies don’t require a lot of effort or time because they are done out of pure enjoyment.

There are plenty of inexpensive non-technological things that you can do outdoors such as fishing, hiking, reading, writing or grabbing some art supplies and sketching or water painting. Even photography is a great outdoor hobby that can be inexpensive if you have a smartphone or already own a camera. 

8. Camping helps you get out of your comfort zone

Anxiety can have such a negative impact on our lives because it often prevents us from doing the things we really want to do. I’m not going to lie, even camping can cause some stress and you may still feel anxious about trying it. But think of camping as a stepping stone for getting further outside your comfort zone and closer to other goals you may have. For example, camping with friends can help you eventually get comfortable enough to travel with friends. Don’t let anxiety keep you from living the life you want to live. 


Even just one night of camping can provide amazing benefits. Everyone copes with anxiety in their own ways so don’t feel pressured if you try camping and it doesn’t provide the results you would like. However, if you are looking for a simple and fun way to escape the stress of your life and reconnect with nature then try camping. If you believe you have anxiety and are not sure how to cope with it, always consult a licensed professional in regards to dealing with your mental health.  

Related Questions:

Can camping reduce stress?

Camping can reduce stress because it allows you time away from the most common daily stressors such as technology and work. Camping can also help you cope with your stress by allowing you to reconnect with nature and spend some time relaxing with close family, friends or even on your own. 

Is camping scary?

Though many people believe camping is scary or unsafe it is actually one of the safest activities you can do. Millions of people go camping each year and the percentage of those that get injured is very low. As long as you follow basic safety guidelines, you will have a safe and enjoyable time. 

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